Kopf Percussion S-Series Snare Cajon
Kopf Percussion S-Series Snare Cajon

S-Series Snare Cajon, Cajon from Kopf Percussion.

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waynerouse 15/11/2012

Kopf Percussion S-Series Snare Cajon: Produktbewertung von waynerouse (content in English)

"Very high quality cajon!"

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I tried several cajons from several different brands. I found that the Kopf cajons were just at a much higher quality standard than the others that I played. I love the poplar wood....it has such a warm tone. Also, the padded seat is alot more comfortable during long sets. The sound quality is amazing, it has really deep bass tones and a great slap and snare tone. There is also a great separation between the bass and the snare, really can't hear the snare when hitting the bass tones. Overall, I would say that you can't go wrong with purchasing this cajon. It is priced at $299.99 but there were other brands that had cajons around that price and the quality really wasn't there. i would recomend this cajon to anyone who is looking for a professional quality cajon.