Markbass Little Mark II
Markbass Little Mark II

Little Mark II, Bassgitarren Verstärker Topteil from Markbass in the Little Mark series.

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mbass 23/09/2008

Markbass Little Mark II: Produktbewertung von mbass (content in English)


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This is a solid state bass amp the delivers 600 watts of power and only weighs about 4 pounds! There is one input for the bass, an output for a tuner, two speaker outputs, and parametric EQ with low and high mids, plus a tube amp simulator knob and mid sweep. There is also a low impedence direct output on the back, so there is no need for a DI.


There is a very simple configuration on this amp, which is just what I needed. It's easy to get a variety of sounds from the amp - it's very versatile. I did not receive a manual with the amp when I purchased from Guitar Center, but there is information available on the web site.


I have used this amplifier on a variety of jobs, including rock, jazz, blues, and funk. It always comes through for me, with appropriate tones. I used a Schecter Diamond series for the most part, and I get a great slap and pop tone, but can also dial in a warmer tone for blues and jazz gigs. I keep the mid sweep and tube amp simulator knobs turned all the way down for the slap sound, with the bass turned up a little more than a quarter of the way. The one gripe that I have is that the direct output seems to color the sound a bit when sent to a PA board - it appears to add Mids to the sound.


I really like this amplifier, and I have noticed that there are more bass players in my area (Pittsburgh) who are using it. It did take some time for me to find the tone that I was looking for, but that is probably because there are so many tone options that are available through such a simple design. At about four pounds in weight, it is a dream for working bass player, especially those of us who used only heavy tube amps in the past! I still love the sound of tubes, but this amp can be as warm as you want it to be! I definitely recommend it – I have been using it for almost two years now, and never had any problems, which wasn’t always the case with my old tube amps! At around $600 from Guitar Center, I think it’s a great buy.