Eden Bass Amplification WT-800 The World Tour
Eden Bass Amplification WT-800 The World Tour

WT-800 The World Tour, Bassgitarren Verstärker Topteil from Eden Bass Amplification in the World Tour series.

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James... 21/12/2011

Eden Bass Amplification WT-800 The World Tour: Produktbewertung von James... (content in English)

"Less is more...and more is less."

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880 watts bridged. 5 way tone control. Di out. Blah blah a few other bells and whistles and all the usual inputs and outputs. The bass player for my prog rock band has used this head for about 2 years now into an ampeg 8x10. This is a highly technical amp in terms of controls. It has a great EQ section and an enhance knob which does god knows what. Honestly though, you don't need to fiddle with the vast array of controls to get it to sound good. typically we put everything at noon and adjust the master accordingly. Sounds great. Sometimes you will need to make some adjustments depending on the venue.


While we have toured with this thing pretty extensively, it also gets used in the studio some too, where we go DI with it. The best thing about it is how well it sits in the mix without any haggling with the amp. We used an SWR combo before this (one of the nice ones) and it sounded great, but you had to know how to work the controls to fit the room and mix. It seems the Eden just sounds great everywhere. I hear these are hard to repair but ours has never gone down.


The Eden reminds me a lot of those old Mesa studio Bass amps of the 90's. Big round and defined stadium sound. You can get it to be really compressed with the enhance control but it's best left low for obvious reasons. This isn't an amp for untasteful over the top bass sounds.


The best part about this amp is how small and portable it is, yet it sounds huge. The design is simple yet complex. Excellent sound. And the price is actually pretty great considering what kind of a product you're getting. This is definitely a PRO bass head. And the name: World Tour kind of sums up what it's about. But it can be used in the studio too.