Peavey TNT 150
Peavey TNT 150

TNT 150, Bassgitarren Combo Verstärker from Peavey in the TNT series.

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songboy 25/01/2012

Peavey TNT 150: Produktbewertung von songboy (content in English)

"Solid Bass amp, and a workhorse of a Sub"

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This is a Transistor based amp. The only connections are 1/4 ts cables. This beast pumps out 150 watts at 4 ohms. The settings features are where this girl really shines. You get many different options when it comes to EQ. First off, you have two inputs labeled High input and Low input. The low input offering a little gain boost. Being one speaker, both signals will be summed to mono when used. Next you have a Bright toggle button and also a mid range boost labled "Punch." I almost always have that button pushed in. Surrounding these buttons you have a "Pre" gain knob and a "Post" knob essentially acting as the main volume. Next you have a sweet 9 band EQ surrounded by Low and High Shelve EQ knobs. Next you have my personal favorite, the Crossover capability. With a simple patch cable and the "Patch Bay" at the end, you can route out the Highs and only run the Lows through peavey at a Frequency of your choice. This is done so with the dedicated Crossover Knob. This is a fantastic feature and has brought this amp out of the closet and back as one of my most important pieces of my Live Rig. You also get a Chorus effect with controls and a built in compression circuit that helps prevent the amp from damaging the speaker. This amp is quite loaded in my opinion.


As a Bass amp, I thought my sound was really solid for Rock and Pop, but lacking for Funky styles, Reggae, or electronica. I find that the single 15" speaker doesn't have that focused "thump" that I like for the latter styles. Now, as a Sub, which for me requires a larger ranged low end, this baby is perfect for my squeezed budget. With all the features this amp has, it makes it quite easy to dial in the right sound without needing a lot of outside help. As for the Manual, I highly recommend it if you are going to explore the extras. Particularly the Crossover features which to me was not self explanatory.


I run this with a Fender Custom JP-90 and a Peavey soundgear bass. The JP-90 is a better fit for this Amp as it has more of a darker tone. The SoundGear is a little on the bright side. My favorite use for this is as a Sub paired with my EV PA speakers. With the added boost of the "Punch" button and the highs completely drained out, this amp really pounds some air. I do a solo Electronica performance and this amp is a big reason why the dance floor can fill up.


What I love about this amp is the plethora of EQ options and the fact that it makes a very suitable Subwoofer. I guess the only thing I don't like about it is it is rather heavy and can be very hard on the back. I got this Amp used for only $150. After about a year and a half, I had to replace the speaker. That cost me another $150. After all that, I still think I got a great deal. Its a solid amp and has worked for me very well these past years. I give it a 10 out of 10 for quality in the Budget range of Bass amps. I have used several different bass amps from Fenders to Edens. Edens tend to be my favorite of the bunch but this one cost a fraction of an Eden's Cost. I highly recommend this amp to the budget Bass Player or any musician in need of a solid Sub.