DigiTech BP200
DigiTech BP200

BP200, Bass Multi-Effekt from DigiTech in the BP series.

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FateFelledVictim 11/09/2008

DigiTech BP200: Produktbewertung von FateFelledVictim (content in English)


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As far as I know, you can plug this into a computer. The effects are a basic chorus, flanger, and other basic modulations, pong, spread, and mono delay, with distortion and other amp modeling and various effects built in as well. It is digital technology, or at least that is what guitar center told me. The main cool aspect of the pedal is that the effects are all editable. I believe you can edit them on the computer, and if not, there are forums to help you through the effects making process. The manual is somewhat unclear, and as it was easier for me to mess around on my own rather than read it, I believe that it is pretty vague. There are the basic midi and audio jacks, with headphone jack and the adapter outlet with input and output.


The Digitech BP200 is, in my opinion, only good for beginners. This pedal is good for those who want to just dab in effects or get started learning and making there own unique sound. The pedal starts off as an amazing purchase, 80 different effects, a built in tuner, and an expression pedal. It is built solid enough to travel with, and isn’t unbelievably bulky or heavy. The first couple effects you make will be lackluster, but will slowly start to be acceptable. The built in tuner is normally decently accurate, but you will need to be able to tune by ear to get your tone exactly right. The cons of this pedal outweigh the positives. The tuner may be right half the time, but as said before, it will make mistakes. The pedal also Another large negative is that over time, one of the stomp pedals wears out, and over time, will stop working. My main complaint though, lies in the effects themselves. Each of them, other than the extremely odd or cool ones, have one that is almost exactly the same. When editing the effects, you run into the problem of everything sounding alike. The menus are also very confusing if you have no idea what you are looking at. The amp modeling often times comes out with either too little or too much gain, which is adjustable to an extent, but really doesn’t help it. Everything also has a tendency to sound really digitalized, which some people want, but this doesn’t sound very real. The only part that is really awesome about this pedal is the strings effect, the expression pedal, and the ability to make kind of cool effects if you know what you are doing. If you want to get a really good multi-effects pedal, go with the boss ME series or the GT’s if you have a lot of extra money.


The effects all sound kind of animated and digitalized rather than fat and solid. The chorus, strings, and the ashdown amp model are my personal favorites, but the delay synth and distortion are alright once you get used to them. The worst effects, in my opinion, are the overdrives and the basic effects, as they all sound the same unless tweaked. The I use a Dean bass with EMG's and an Peavey amp with this pedal, and I have no problem with my guitar on the clean settings, but once I plug this in I get hissing. I have used three different Fender cords and they all did it.


I have been using this product for nearly 8 months, and my favorite thing is the ability to edit the effects. My very least favorite thing, however is that the effects like to change themselves when they are not being used. Despite all the setbacks, this pedal is still better than the lower models. For the price, the list of effects is impressive, but the sound quality is horrid. Overall, I would say that the pedal needs to be a little cheaper, or more authentic to the actual sounds of the effects. Adding to that, I probably would not have bought this bass pedal, but rather the Boss ME-50B.