The T.bone RM700
The T.bone RM700

RM700, Bändchenmikrofon from The T.bone.

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ericthegreat 13/01/2012

The T.bone RM700: Produktbewertung von ericthegreat (content in English)

"love it "

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This is a ribbon mic, which is a dynamic microphone that records with a figure 8 pattern. Ribbon mics were all the rage in the '40s for public performance, but in today's rough and tumble world, I'd recommend keeping this type of microphone for studio use only, as the ribbon is very fragile and would be burned up with if phantom power were accidentally switched on.

The Tbone RM700 has its own XLR cable attached to the mic and no on or off switch. When not in use, it should be stored upright in its case.


Ribbon mics record using a different kind of technology than typical dynamic or condenser microphones. For someone looking for a vintage or unique kind of sound, a ribbon mic can sound great on vocals, but the user will have to deal with the figure 8 pattern. I used this mic on one album and was really satisfied with the results because we recorded the vocals in a good sounding room, which this microphone only emphasized since it has a bipolar recording pattern.

That being said, this mic is not fit for all occasions and isn't very versatile; although I've heard people miking drums and guitar cabs with ribbon mics, I wouldn't recommend it because too much moving air can destroy the ribbon. A good pop-filter is a must when using this microphone.

I really liked mine, but in spite of being careful, one day someone accidentally turned on the phantom power and burned up the ribbon inside the microphone. I never bothered to replace it, because even though it sounded and looked cool, it wasn't really versatile enough for me to use in very many situations. I doubt I'll ever buy another ribbon microphone again, but have to say that TBone did produce a decent product in the line of this mic.