Nady RSM-2
Nady RSM-2

RSM-2, Bändchenmikrofon from Nady.

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moosers 29/01/2009

Nady RSM-2: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The Nady RSM-2 is ribbon microphone designed for use in the studio. I'm sure it can be used as a live mic but I wouldn't recommend using any kind of ribbon mic in a live setting, as they are quite delicate. The mic has a cable connected to it and has a swivel mount for easy placement and movement of the microphone. It isn't made as sturdy or with the best parts as I would like, but for the price it is hard for me to complain. Even if it breaks it is cheap enough that it won't put you into bankruptcy like some of the high end ribbon mics if it breaks of gets stolen. The price makes these mics a viable option for anyone looking to get a ribbon mic.


I've been using the the Nady RSM-2 ribbon microphone for a little bit less than a year. I find it to be a great option for someone looking to get a decent ribbon sound at a really low cost. This mic has a unique sound that can't be replicated with a condensor or a dynamic, but also isn't anywhere close to your non-China made ribbon microphones like a Royer. It sounds great as a room mic when recording a guitar amp. I also like it on some vocals as it has a unique tone, however it is far from my ideal choice for anyone's vocals. It is what it is - a cheap Chinese made copy that is extremely cheap. I would compare it to any of the other ribbon microphones in this price range, as they are all probably from the same factory! This isn't made with the best parts, nor do I expect it to last as long as some other mics. This being said, it is a cheap option as far as ribbon mics go and sounds pretty good too!