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mooseherman 30/11/2010

MXL R44: Produktbewertung von mooseherman (content in English)

"Solid Ribbon Microphone"

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Ribbon microphones are rapidly becoming my new favorite thing, so I was really psyched to try the MXL R44 ribbon microphone. It works the same as any other ribbon microphone, and its just as fragile as any of them, so be careful using it. Definitely don't use it for live gigs, or anywhere outside the studio. Make sure especially not to accidentally turn on phantom power, as the ribbon can not handle it, and the mic will be destroyed.


This is the first ribbon I've used that I wasn't absolutely in love with, but that's mainly because I've been fortunate to use really good ones. I like the sound of this on vocals, as well as a drum mono overhead. I also really like this microphone on horns, and string sections (or individual strings). There's really quite a wide variety to be had with ribbon mics.
This one isn't bad, and it does work just like a ribbon mic, but it doesn't have quite the warmth or feel of a good ribbon. It's still a decent mic, and when you consider the price of it, it holds up pretty well to its counterparts (like most MXL mics do, considering they are pretty cheap overall). I doubt I would want to use it in the studio as much as our Reslo ribbon mic, but I would certainly consider buying one for my home setup at some point, if I can't afford another ribbon (or I don't think it's worth it). I'm spoiled in the sense that I get to work in some nice studios where there are nice mics a lot, but for those of us who aren't as lucky, there's affordable, solid microphones like this one.