Cascade Microphones FAT HEAD

FAT HEAD, Bändchenmikrofon from Cascade Microphones.

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moosers 19/01/2010

Cascade Microphones FAT HEAD: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The Cascade Microphones Fat Head is an inexpensive ribbon microphone designed for the home studio.<span> </span>The mic offers up a sleek design and look, in the form of a large round grill covering the capsule, hence ‘Fat Head.’<span> </span>Following in the form of the traditional ribbon microphone, the Fat Head has a figure eight polar pick up pattern.<span> </span>The mic also comes with the shock mount, as pictured (or at least the one I used had it.)


I first used the Cascade Microphones Fat Head about six or eight months ago, and while I can’t say that it is my favorite ribbon microphone in this price range, it still does have a good sound and is worth looking at.<span> </span>A number of ribbon microphones have been coming out in this price range and even lower, as there seems to be somewhat of a resurgence of ribbon microphone appreciation, and I’m definitely all for it.<span> </span>Having a lot of options to choose from in this price range is a great thing for home studio owners looking for that ribbon sound (or something like it), without having to spend a fortune.<span> </span>The Fat Head certainly has that ribbon sound, and is one that is great for a number of different applications.<span> </span>I’ve personally used the microphone for recording electric and acoustic guitars, and vocals.<span> </span>There were some really cool qualities and features about the sounds of each of these instruments with this mic, as I felt it definitely had something to bring to the table for each even if I wouldn’t necessarily use it all of the time.<span> </span>If you’re looking to buy a ribbon microphone for your home studio, I’d encourage you to shop around a bit and check out the budget ribbons by the likes of SE Electronics, Nady, and others as there are a lot to choose from in addition the Fat Head…