Roland GW-7
Roland GW-7

GW-7, Arranger Keyboard from Roland.

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uttraon 20/05/2012

Roland GW-7: Produktbewertung von uttraon (content in English)

"Good value for money"

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Characteristics : refer to the official Roland documentation


To edit a sound : there are 2 knobs to tweak around
As far as effects are concerned, well, it's not as straightforward. I have to go through the function menu to play with effects.
However, the manual is quite clear and easy to understand.


The keyboard velocity is rather difficult to master.
The sounds are nice, but some of them (especially the organs) are not as good as the ones on my 20 year-old Yamaha PSR-4500.
I got mine second hand for 200 euros. I think it is a good value for money. Knowing what i know now, i will make the same choice. As for the price, better value for money is hard to find.