Roland E-14
Roland E-14

E-14, Arranger Keyboard from Roland.

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stompboxjon 13/06/2012

Roland E-14: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"cheap buy"

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The E 14 by Roland is an intelligent synth workstation that has been around for a while and is considered “vintage” but to me its really not. You can still find this around online and in some garage sales because it was pretty popular way back when. The good thing is if you are looking for one they arent that expensive and it’s a great board to add to your collection.


Using it is really easy if you have used other boards and understand workstations, this workstation is no where near as complicated as some of the workstations that Roland has come out with over the last 5 years or maybe a little longer. If you do need a manual you will probably have to look around online and buy one from someone. I had to purchase one on eBay and it was 45 dollars just for the manual. My E 14 didn’t come with the manual because I picked it up at a music exchange market (just a place where a bunch of musicians come together and sell and trade gear).


As far as the sound goes, its decent. Don’t expect to get a ton of really good warm sounds though. There are some gems though, I love a few of the presets, I still use them today and just run them through some of my effects modules to give it a different feel and make them sound different.

go out and get this board. Its really cheap now and you will love how easy It is to use and it will be good to open up your mind to new possibilities with the E 14 by Roland. Start looking around online, or on Craig list. There are people who are selling this at a really cheap price because they feel there is no value in it anymore. But they are wrong.