EMT Mixsystem 100 (M100)
EMT Mixsystem 100 (M100)

Mixsystem 100 (M100), Analoges Mischpult from EMT.

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Tipps: Upgrade of EMT M 100 system

Von alf007emv am 16/04/2015 - (Generell)

Dear users,

if sombody wants to upgrade the performance of the EMT M 100 system, I can give the informations how to realize it. At least all these measures lead to an increased S/N of more than 16 db. Also the microphone input can be reworked in order to arrive at a noise figure of 2,4 dB or at a noise level of -127 dB.

Contact me on my email: alfred-wilhelm.weber@t-online.de in case of any questions.

Beste regards,

Alfred Weber