Roland SH-101
Roland SH-101

SH-101, Analoger Synthesizer from Roland.

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AlanForPresident 18/07/2012

Roland SH-101: Produktbewertung von AlanForPresident (content in English)

"Would be great for some drum and bass music"

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The Roland SH 101 is a analog monophonic synthesizer that can be purchased online for just under 1000 usd, now I feel that price is a little to expensive. Yes it is a great piece of vintage gear, but anytime you purchase vintage gear you are taking a risk because it is so old that there will be something wrong with it when you get it. So I don’t feel the Roland SH 101 should be that much, I think it should be worth around 700 dollars. But if you purchase it you wont be upset, you will love the sounds and the ease of use with the Roland Sh 101.


Its pretty easy to use, really nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to vintage gear. The more you use this unit the more you will love it. that’s one thing that I can say that is good about it. Each time that I get a chance to use it I fall more in love with the sound and warmth of the machine.


The sounds are great, some really good techno stuff, you can have all the control of the pitch and lfo with the pitch bender. Also the arp is pretty good too, you can use it to arp up and down and all in real time. The Roland SH 101 reminds me of a few other boards that have been used over the years in some recent music and it seems like this board gave a lot to the sound of the Juno line that roland has created years ago.


You will be happy with this boards sound and quality, but the price could be a little too much. It is a Very popular piece of vintage gear, and that could be why its so expensive but to me its just not worth that amount of money anymore. I wish I could have bought one for a lot cheaper than what they are asking for them.