Roland SH-101
Roland SH-101

SH-101, Analoger Synthesizer from Roland.

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ericthegreat 10/01/2012

Roland SH-101: Produktbewertung von ericthegreat (content in English)

"decent keyboard"

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The Roland SH 101 is the ultimate analog synthesizer. It has five octaves (61 keys), 16 note polyphony and has two oscillators. Every patch can be modified to the nth degree with knobs for almost every single possible option. It has the features that are standard on most keyboards - transposition, pitch and modulation wheels, a ribbon, an input for a sustain pedal, arpeggiator, sequencer, after touch, MIDI in and out, and effects. Essentially, every single possible option you could want in an analog synth is on this keyboard. I will admit that it would have been nice to have more effects, but truth be told it's probably best for this kind of synthesizer to have a simple digital effects section.


Patches are modified on the keyboard, through a combination of the menus and knobs. Patches can also be imported and exported via MIDI. There are a lot of great sounding patches available for purchase through eBay.


The sounds that come preset with the unit are decent. I have heard amazing patches produced on this synthesizer, but it does take quite a bit of time to fine-tune the patch settings to accomplish this. With a lot of patience, you can make the tones sound as realistic as you wish. You can change the amount of touch sensitivity, and the effects are limited, but decent. The focus of this synth is on the tones of the patches, anyway. I give it a great, only because of the time involved in making the tones sound perfect can be daunting.


This is a wonderful synth, if you have a background knowledge or the patience to learn. I purchased it because in my research I found it to be the best -- which it is -- but it just wasn't the best synth for me as it's too complicated. I only have a minimal understanding of synthesis and had never used an analog synth before. I give it an average rating because, although it can be the best, it definitely won't be the best machine for everybody. What convinced me that this synth was too complicated was lending it to my friends band, the Protomen, to use for a show. synthesis, I'll probably settle for a Mini Moog or something easier to use.