Roland JUNO-6
Roland JUNO-6

JUNO-6, Analoger Synthesizer from Roland in the Juno series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Roland JUNO-6: Produktbewertung von FP User (content in English)


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I bought it down the block from my house on the street.. .i always wanted a fat ass bass sound that will blow speakers if necissary and of course lord allah gave me what i always wanted. . . it is able to hit the bottom of the barrel for bass. . . and its so versitile i bought a book to learn synthesis just to be better at making sounds with it. . . . i think its unreal and deffinatly a piece i am never selling ive never made the same sound twice so far . .. but i can always remake the sounds i designed if i had too .. . . dope for drum and bass bass. . . and phat r and b and hip hop.. . peace

$20 usd


Its great if your a keyboard player .. cuz its got no midi. . . and it atually doesnt sounds like the juno 106 which is supposedl;y the same keyboard with midi , . . thats bullshit it sounds thinner and its good and easy if you know sythesis. . and understand the theory behind true analog synths . .dope

the chorus sound is the only thing that gives me noise when i'm not makin it on purpose. . i'm a noise freak i dont like it if i want silence.. .. but F- the chorus button use a plug in instead ..


The bass sound is like a wall .. of any size. . . capable of flooding your whole mix. . . actually blowing systems speakers easy . . so you gotta be careful when curving the low end off . . it can do damage. .. love it. . . i'm a slave to this juno 6


I love it. . . . its got a bass that nothing i've played has. . . and at this poiunt in time i use an ensoniq sq-80 and asr-x . . and a Korg Triton. . nothings got that fat ass bass

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