Korg Ms-20
Korg Ms-20

Ms-20, Analoger Synthesizer from Korg in the MS series.

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AlanForPresident 18/07/2012

Korg Ms-20: Produktbewertung von AlanForPresident (content in English)

"took me alot of work to get what I wanted"

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Well Korg claims that the MS 20 was the first major popular analog synth that was created back then. I would have to say that it wasn’t. Also to me the unit isn’t that portable, Korg claims that it is. But compared to todays equipment its not that portable. So don’t think you will be able just to pack it up and take it with you wherever you go. It might look small but its really not that small (I don’t know the dimensions off the top of my head but just know its not little).


Using will take some time, it really took me a while to get to know this board and to understand how everything works. I don’t design sounds, so I just mess around until I get something that I like. Getting a sound that I like could be accomplished with the Korg MS 20 but it wont happen quick. I would sit down and mess with the MS 20 and before I knew it 4 hours would pass. That is a good thing to some people but to me with this unit it wasn’t a good thing. It just took too long and by the time I got the type of sound I wanted, I forgot the melody that I wanted to play. Then I would just start messing around, it would end up being a pointless session.


The sounds are ok, it just takes so long to get it the way that I want it. Maybe if I had more knowledge of sound design I could do this easier.


I wouldn’t purchase this unless you have some knowledge of how sounds are made and created. I also wouldn’t get this if I didn’t have any experience with vintage gear. It will leave your mind lost when trying to get your sound in order. There are a lot of vintage keyboards that are great, this one is just ok.