Korg Ms-20
Korg Ms-20

Ms-20, Analoger Synthesizer from Korg in the MS series.

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ericthegreat 01/02/2012

Korg Ms-20: Produktbewertung von ericthegreat (content in English)

"classic synth"

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The Korg MS-20 is an analog synthesizer made in the early 1980s. It is about two and a half octaves and has 32 keys. Unfortunately, it does not have a pitch or modulation wheel, which is one of this guys only flaws. It has an instrument cable jack in the front and has pitch and trigger outputs and a set of RCA outputs and aux outputs. I have only used the instrument cable in the front when recording direct or sending it to an amplifier.


The setup of the synth is pretty easy to follow, but takes a bit of time to really get to know what everything can do. I've gotten a wide array of sounds from this and I am never surprised when it makes a sound I haven't heard it make before. If you know a lot about synthesizers I'm sure you can figure out easily what everything does, this is my first synth so I'm probably not as experienced with synths as some of you out there. The manual is very helpful and includes a bunch of presets that really demonstrate the variety of sounds you can get with this guy.


The sounds this Moog makes suits my style in situations that I feel it is necessary to use it in. Whenever I use it it always sounds good, but I don't always use it. You can get a classic moog lead synth or bass sound with this as well as a plethora of other sounds, most of which are hard to describe. Most of the sounds you can get with this are very realistic sounding and usable and it is a great tool for getting some great synth sounds


I've had my Korg MS-20 about 8years now. Even since then the price seems to have raised for these guys if you can get one on ebay. It is a true Moog and while it is not as diverse as a Voyager, it sounds great for what it does. While it is small, it is enough keys for me to play the parts I want to play.