Korg Monotribe
Korg Monotribe

Monotribe, Analoger Synthesizer from Korg.

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johnrae 15/05/2012

Korg Monotribe: Produktbewertung von johnrae (content in English)

"A good price price, and a fun little toy."

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The Korg Monotribe is a tiny, analog synth. It features an 8-step pattern sequencer and a ribbon controller for playing, and a 3-waveform VCO, the classic MS20 VCF, an LFO and a three part drum synth. It can run off of batteries and even has a built in speaker, or you can send it out. The thing is SUPER simple, and a really fun little toy, with the potential for all kinds of fun. I love to toy with this synth, because I can do it without any set up or plugging things in and turning things on. It's really fun to just make little ideas on, and it's a real analog synth which is cool. It's not something I'd recommend unless you have some extra cash around, and need a cool toy.


One of the greatest things about these guys is the sheer simplicity. All you have to do is turn it on! There's a built in speaker and it can run on batteries so you can walk around with it or lay in bed with it and just mess around with the sounds. It doesn't have any complicated features, and not too many bells and whistles. Also, if you want to use it in a performance, you can connect an external power supply, and there is a 1/4 inch out jack on the back.


The sound is like that of many basic synths, but the signature ms-20 style filter really makes it pop! The built in drums are not amazing, but they do work well together which is cool. They gel well. The kick is a little clicky but not to the point where it's problematic or intrusive. The volumes of all three are automatically set, and Korg did a pretty good job of that. The ribbon controller is cool, and responsive, with 3 voice polyphony and it's not too hard to control. I don't really have any complaints, as this is actually a great deal for a real analog synth.


My favorite things about this synth are the simplicity, and the filter. I take this with me all over the place and love it. I make noises while I'm doing whatever and it's awesome. It's super portable. I also love the filter, having owned an MS20 gives a real appreciation for just how cool this little thing is. The thing is worth the money, if you need a toy. It's also great for working out ideas on the fly. It would be cool if you could hook it up to a midi keyboard, but it's fine how it is. I love this little guy.