Kawai 100F
Kawai 100F

100F, Analoger Synthesizer from Kawai.

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AlanForPresident 18/07/2012

Kawai 100F: Produktbewertung von AlanForPresident (content in English)

"A good affordable vintage synth"

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The Kawai 100F is a vintage Synthesizer that is a very small piece of vintage gear, I think it only has 32 keys on it and doesn’t weigh much at all so it can be packed up and taken with you if you need to move it around. It is also a well built synth, the company that originally made these was bought out not long after they got built so I think that cause some problems with why it was as popular as I think it should have been. Most people will look down on this unit because it only has one oscillator, but there are still many different options to make it sound amazing and give it life.


Using it takes no effort there are only about 20 to 25 buttons or knobs on it, and they are all labled in plain English. This would be a great, vintage synth sound module to add to your collection if you are into vintage gear like I am. I still have one of these and I have used it about a million times. I am actually thinking of selling it to get another board ( because I have my eye on a few other pieces of vintage synths).


The sounds are great, don’t let the one oscillator scare you away, you will have the options to really add some cool stuff to your sound, there are a number of effects and a hi pass filter that can flare up your sound too.


This board is still affordable and can be found online, I have even seen some people that had them brand new in the box, I don’t know how in the world they still have a brand new one but I have seen them. I would purchase a brand new one though because they are still asking a lot of money for them. And part of the vintage thing is it having some use to it. I don’t buy them unless they have been used and abused.