Alesis A6 Andromeda
Alesis A6 Andromeda

A6 Andromeda, Analoger Synthesizer from Alesis.

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James... 26/02/2012

Alesis A6 Andromeda: Produktbewertung von James... (content in English)

"Imperfect masterpiece"

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TONS of features! In terms of actual synthesis, the number of sound-mangling features is enormous and very satisfying. Just about anything can modulate just about anything else. Sub oscillators are great. There are a couple of features that I miss, though: no random arpeggiation, and no "smoothed-random" LFO. (Access calls it "sample-and-glide.") You might be able to replicate that using an LFO to modulate another LFO, or using a tracking generator on the S&H. More destinations for the sequencer would be great, too. There is a SERIOUS problem, least on the one I bought new in November 2008: the mod wheel doesn't stay where I put it when the synth is on an angled stand. My synth is on the second tier of a stand, angled toward me so that I can get to the controls easily from a sitting position. When I push the mod wheel forward any less than about 75%, it falls back to starting position as soon as I let go. That doesn't work for me at all. Built-in effects are fine--you might want to use better effects if you're a professional in a recording studio, home-studio and gigging musicians can get a lot of the built-in effects. Expansion via ancient and expensive PCMCIA cards. Be careful, though! You have to get just the right card or it won't work, and details are not forthcoming on the Alesis site or in the manual.


The Andromeda has loads of knobs so its a joy to program. However, this synth is very complex and is not as obvious as some other analogue polysynths. I have been playing synths for 10 years and the Andromeda makes me feel a bit amature. But the huge number of knobs makes up for its complexity and means you can create complex sounds with ease. I must point out, every time you turn a knob a menu pops up on the display screen. So there is more to the Andromeda than the 72 knobs and 144 buttons point out! This synth is analogue heaven.


Sound is somewhere inbetween from virtual synths and analogue synths. Not 100% analogue feel, still better than VA. There are useable sounds, but most of them are better on real synths. For some productions it might work, but some VA are so good (Like Virus) that there is no sense to have problematic analogue synth like this one. Sound is not its strongest point (like tweakability and control), but not bad to completelly forget it. Kind of compromise. Effects are not very good to my ears, part of sound is lost in digital conversion what is huge pitty.


Beautiful synth that sounds fantastic. (I'm so glad it doesn't try to tap into people's nostalgia with wood or faux-wood end cheeks!) I just couldn't deal with the malfunctions, so I returned it. It's a pity. I got a DSI Prophet 08 instead--less powerful, but also sounds great and comes with a better reputation for reliability and customer support. Pity.