Steinberg Cubase 6
Steinberg Cubase 6

Cubase 6, Allgemeiner Sequenzer from Steinberg in the Cubase series.

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vsavagellc 05/02/2012

Steinberg Cubase 6: Produktbewertung von vsavagellc (content in English)

"One Of My Favorite Daws"

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I ordered Cubase 6 in January of 2012 I found the application very easy to install as with the older versions of the software. I didn't need to use the manual but I thought I'd go through and learn some new features since I haven't used the application since version 3 (yes I've been that out of tune with the app). I've used version 4 at a friends house but never really dug into it like i have with Cubase VST, Cubase SX and so forth. If you've used any version of Cubase SX you'll be able to move around cubase 6 with ease. I had no problem getting around the application at all but if you haven't used cubase the manual is user friendly


I've been using Cubase 6 for a bout a month mainly for small vocal recording projects. I use it with windows 7 operation system. For me the experience have been nothing short of great. I haven't had any crashes or compatibility issues. The plugins I use a long with this DAW are

Native Instruments Komplete
Sampletank 2
SR 202 Drum machine
Maschine (as a plugin)

I also use Reason (in review mode)sometimes and it's been smooth. I don't have a ton of ram on my system (laptop) I'm running it quite well with 3 gigs of ram and a Dual Core Processor. if you can get a strong processor or have one that would be excellent and serve you well


What I like most about Cubase 6 is it gets the job done. I was able to import older projects i had created into the new version without a problem. Cubase 6 was easy to pick up. Most people say once you've used one DAW the rest are pretty much the same. I find this to be true but especially true if you've used cubase before. I do wish the application was a little cheaper $300 but I mean I wish everything was a little cheaper. I've worked with many other DAWS such as

Pro tools
Ableton Live

Cubase has always been better in my opinion as it's excellent in handling both audio as well as midi. Pro tools is good but not so versatile when it comes to midi Logic.. I could never get past the gui I love sonar but cubase just works for me better... Sonar would hiccup and crash Cubase not so much