Steinberg Cubase 6
Steinberg Cubase 6

Cubase 6, Allgemeiner Sequenzer from Steinberg in the Cubase series.

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loudfunk 03/02/2012

Steinberg Cubase 6: Produktbewertung von loudfunk (content in English)

"A welcome update to Cubase..."

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Same old procedure...order the boxed version...wait...install. The install went without a hitch on both my PC and OSX set-up;
As a side note the Steinberg manuals are well written and easy enough to find anything quickly


On my Mac Book Pro 2.4 Ghz laptop...8 gb of RAM with the Motu 896mk3 that is a rock solid mobile recording set-up. I've been using Cubase since when it still was Cubase VST, which is more than 10 years ago. I also use Nuendo, Protools, Logic and Samplitude/Sequoia.


The biggest difference for most users that spend a lot of time in their DAW is whether the User Interface is bearable. From day one I preferred Cubase's and its bigger brother Nuendo's GUI to justt about anything.
In addition to this little things like unlike in Logic the software instruments aren't actually ancient. I love the VST 3 protocol for plug-ins. The way Cubase lets you comp tracks with their approach to separate lanes makes editing a breeze.
When tracking a band without a click track tempo mapping the recording is the fastest I've seen.
The included plug-ins, especially the Cloner are some of my favorites.
The stereo spectrum on tracks can a pan, balance or two individual controls. There is the talk back set-up which makes setting up separate head phone mixes so easy without a physical console.
Plug-ins can be run in addition to the usual insert or send concept also as an insert on the input if ever the need arises to print a plug-in.
Plus you can route the same input to multiple tracks.
Unlike ProTools or Lofic I've never had an issue opening an OMF session regardless of whether it cam from Logic, Protools, Samplitude/Swequoia or anything else.

The new amp simulations plug-ins are on par with the competitions, which unfortunately they're all useless to me.