Digital Sound Planet Quartz Audio Master Freeware [Freeware]
Digital Sound Planet Quartz Audio Master Freeware [Freeware]

Quartz Audio Master Freeware [Freeware], Allgemeiner Sequenzer from Digital Sound Planet.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Digital Sound Planet Quartz Audio Master Freeware [Freeware]: Produktbewertung von FP User (content in English)


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It is fully functioning freeware software 4 effects plug ins,merge,copy it is a teaser to buy the upgraded versions which range from 4 to I believe 128 track audio versions but for person new to audio software recording it's great-free!!! real easy to use just like using an old tascam 4 track cassette recorder.

Price paid: FREE

It's very easy it has an easy help menu and on upgraded versions you can use your own plugins


It is free audio recording and sequencing software, 4 tracks of audio and 16 midi tracks.Sound quality depends on what you put into it.


As some one on a budget if you already have a computer and want to make tracks easy this is pretty good it's not high tech just plain old meat-n-potatoes

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Posted by: mikepepp2004 (January 2-, 2005)