Avid Pro Tools 10
Avid Pro Tools 10

Pro Tools 10, Allgemeiner Sequenzer from Avid in the Pro Tools series.

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Azuma 26/02/2013

Avid Pro Tools 10: Produktbewertung von Azuma (content in English)


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The program works on any platform either Windows XP, Windows Seven or MAC OS , so I haven't had any kind of compatibility issues.

The manual included with the DAw is great , Avid made a great book explaining how the program works , how it's made and the usual functions and basics of it.

The typical functions are easy to spot trough a great designed interface with a lot of chapters and topics to choose from.

The common installation of the system requires a while, but except for that, it's primary and very straight-forwarding.


The application performs very constant and Pro , as you would expect from Avid.

The gear is extremely stable and it works without any problems or errors.

I'm getting high performances with this Daw , mainly because of how powerful are the build in processes , how advanced are the synths , how good the piano roll is and many other cool features.


What I like most about it, It's the stability of the daw and the excellent interface offered by Avid.
I like the piano roll window , I like the notation windows a lot , this Daw feels more like you make music than others do.

Without a question, one of the most high-quality Daw's that I ever experienced and the perfection and deficiency of any crashes makes it better.

I tried many and many Daw's but Pro tools designed by Avid is something quite new even now, the excellent build-in results, those elegant converters , high-quality reverbs, and many other functions make this one of the most used Daw in our time.

After getting to know the system quite detailed, I would make the same choice and purchase Pro Tools by Avid, basically because of the interface , stability , power and great notation tools.