Ableton Live 8 Suite
Ableton Live 8 Suite

Live 8 Suite, Allgemeiner Sequenzer from Ableton in the Live 8 series.

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johnrae 21/06/2012

Ableton Live 8 Suite: Produktbewertung von johnrae (content in English)


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Ableton Live Suite is a full featured Digital Audio Workstation featuring Midi Support, VST/AU Plugins, Audio I/O and many more features. I have used many Digital Audio Workstations over the years, and I must say this is the best there is. It can be a little difficult and imposing to learn, but when you understand how to work it, it becomes an endless source of inspiration. You can do anything with Live. Slow down and speed up vocals without changing pitch, vocoding, synthesizers, record, mix, master. It is aimed at electronic musicians for the most part. It may seem expensive compared to other DAWs, but I would pay any amount no matter how big they slap on it. Also, Live takes a completely unique approach to composition, even allowing it to be "played" like an instrument and performed with live - hence the name, Ableton Live.


The software is easy as pie to install, open it up, complete the registration and it installs itself. What impressed me most is the fact that this software works perfectly and fast on my 2007 Mac Mini with only 512 mb of RAM. It is the best DAW I have used, and works very well on older systems. I can barely have a text editor and browser open on this computer at the same time without it freezing, but miraculously, Live runs like a charm.


Live is simply an amazing addition to the field of electronic music. It is a whole studio in a program. You can DJ, create, arrange, it supports video, play live, whatever you can possibly imagine. It is of the highest quality. It's not the prettiest but it makes up for that with it's incredible functionality. It's kind of difficult to start out with, as there is a bit of a steep learning curve. It is a bit of a departure form most linear DAWs as it allows for non linear composition. In my opinion, Live is the DAW of the future, and everyone aspiring into electronic music should at least give it a try.