Digidesign D-Verb
Digidesign D-Verb

D-Verb, Software algorithmic reverb from Digidesign.

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mooseherman 22/07/2010

Digidesign D-Verb: Produktbewertung von mooseherman (content in English)

"Decent, useful digital reverb plug-in."

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This is a plugin that comes free with Pro Tools. It is a digital reverb. There aren't any compatibility issues with this plug in, it's installed automatically with Pro Tools, so assuming your Pro Tools installation and setup go smoothly, you'll be in good shape with this plug-in. The controls include mix level, input level, diffusion, decay, pre-delay, high cut, and a low pass filter. There are also different settings for different types of reverb, which go by the standard names of church, hall, room, etc. I've never looked at a manual for this plug-in, though I doubt anyone who has experience with any plug-in should have a hard time, in fact I doubt anyone would.


The software has never given me any problems with it's performance. Sometimes, when I am in the middle of playback, and I try to insert the plug-in on a given track, I get some hesitation from the system, which can be frustrating if you are trying to mix. This tends to happen with all plug-ins though, so to say that this one in particular is a problem would be misleading. Obviously running this plug-in on every track is going to be a difficult thing for Pro-Tools to do, so I would have to insist that you don't do that.


I think that the sounds of this reverb are OK for some projects, but not always perfect. Obviously, buying a good reverb plug-in will definitely be better than the one that comes standard with Pro Tools. However, if you are doing a small project at home, this would most likely cover your basic needs. I think that the bigger your setup, the more necessary it is to buy more plug-ins. If you are using an M-box and an SM57 almost exclusively, you really won't have much need for a better reverb, but if you own a professional studio, I'd say that you really need something better than this.