K12, Aktiver PA Lautsprecher from QSC in the K Series series.

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stompboxjon 11/01/2013

QSC K12: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"worth the money"

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I have been using the QSC 12 since 2010 and it has never let me down. It is a powered PA speaker with an amazing sound. It projects 1000 watts of class D sounds and it will peak at 2000 watts. It is very clear and puts out a big sound no matter where your shows are inside or outside. There are XLR and ¼ connectors with a mic input line and RCA inputs. It pretty much has every single connection that you could need to run your show or gig. The Max SPL is 131 dB and the weight of each speaker is just under 50 pounds which may seem like a lot but it really isn’t that bad carrying it because of the way the weight is distributed and the handle on the side makes it easy to carry.
The low end frequency on the QSC 12 is very precise and warm, I have yet to have a bad experience with this speaker and the low end is what I love about it the most. We have run all sorts of audio through this powered speaker and no matter what we put through it (live or not) it still sounds amazing.
The high pass filter that it has is also pretty good considering how much this speaker will cost. We also purchased some higher end cables to go with it to make sure how sound was as good as it could possibly get with the QSC 12.
This is a great speaker but there are rumors that some of them go bad quickly. We have not experienced this and hope we never do. We have been using it for over two years and it has not caused us any issues. The only thing that happened to us is that the handle on the side of one of the speakers has gotten kind of loose but it was a quick fix and we did it ourselves.