Mackie DLM12
Mackie DLM12

DLM12, Aktiver PA Lautsprecher from Mackie in the DLM series.

public price: 999 € TTC
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JimboSpins 22/01/2013

Mackie DLM12: Produktbewertung von JimboSpins (content in English)

"Flat out awesome"

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The Mackie DLM12 has a 12 inch LF driver and a 1.5 high frequency driver. There are 16 effects built right into this speaker with a 2 channel mixer. That is why this speaker cost so much, but the features make it well worth the money. You will also get 2,000 watts of power for your set up with this speaker.
Traveling around with the DLM12 could not be easy because of the size, it is not a very big speaker but it does have some weight to it. But no matter what style of car or van you drive you will be able to get this in and out without a problem. The size of it has nothing to do with the power though because this speaker packs a huge sound. You can even use this speaker in some bigger venues and even outdoors because of how much power it has behind it.
The effects was a huge surprise for me because I didn’t expect to get very many good effects with this speaker, once I heard it had effects I thought it was only going to be a couple and they were going to be really basic and simple but that was not the case. The effects are very good and I love the delays. This is the perfect speaker to have for a gigging musician who travels a lot and plays at a bunch of different types of venues. This speaker will do a great job with all of them, no matter the size.
The actual weight of this speaker might not seem like much, but you have to take into consideration that it is a smaller speaker so all of the weight is in one spot and not distributed out like it would be on a “taller” speaker. But it is still pretty easy to transport, you can wall mount it or pole mount it if you want to but we have just used it as a floor speaker. I give this speaker huge thumbs up for its sound and portability.