Mackie MR5mk2
Mackie MR5mk2

MR5mk2, Aktiver Monitor from Mackie in the MRmk2 series.

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stompboxjon 23/10/2012

Mackie MR5mk2: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"Decent reference monitors "

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The Mackie MR5mk2 do not come together, you will have to purchase them separate and they cost 150 USB a Piece. It has a 5” woofer and 1” tweeter (85 watts). The MR5mk2 monitors are very well built and will last you a long time if you take care of them. The low frequencies in this 5” woofer are amazing. I was really shocked to hear how much bass the MR5mk2 actually have, they have a smooth response and warm sound. They are rather small in appearance though , but that does not effect the sound of them. If you purchase these monitors make sure you have some sort of isolation pads underneath of them if you want to get the best possible quality you can get from them.


The inputs on the MR5mk2 include TRS, RCA, and XLR connections. They are safe to put beside your monitor or TV and not have to worry about it damaging the color of your screen because they have magnetic shielding to protect your other gear.


Due to the fact these monitors should be used more for a reference , I don’t suggest you use them for your final mixes. You will need a better sounding monitor if you want to get a better mix. These do have the tendency to get a little muddy sounding if you have a lot of low frequency instruments and sounds going on in your music.

But for the price they are not bad, I still would go with a pair of M-Audio monitors before I go with these Mackie’s . Mackie makes some great monitors and other products but they seem to lack certain things when they try to make an affordable product like this. Mackie does have some great monitors that are in the 400 dollar price range and up though, but I don’t recommend getting these unless you just don’t like M-Audio monitors.
The M-Audio AV 40 is a better monitor than this one is, and they come in a pair cheaper than each on of these MR5mk2 are.