Mackie HR624
Mackie HR624

HR624, Aktiver Monitor from Mackie.

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moosers 16/10/2010

Mackie HR624: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The Mackie HR 624's are a set of active studio monitors. These are essentially and a smaller and less expensive version of the ever popular Mackie HR 824's. These are monitors that can be used across the board, and will mostly be seen in home studios as I'd say that they are best suited in this sort of environment. They are powered monitors, so they won't require an external power amplifier which is always nice. They've got room tuning options that include high and low band EQ's and a low end roll off at 80 Hz as well. This is great especially considering that a lot of home studio owners will be using these in less than ideal acoustical environments.


The sound of the Mackie HR 624's is nice and full, especially considering the size of these monitors. They're not too big but they definitely give off a big sound that I've found to be pretty accurate. It's got a nice amount of low end presence for smaller speakers, but isn't going to match that on the HR 824's, which would be the next step up from these. I haven't used these in critical mixing situations as I've really only used them for listening back, but judging from using them like this, I think they could handle some mixing in a home studio setting, although they wouldn't be ideal for this sort of use.


The Mackie HR 624's are the perfect little studio monitors for the home studio owner who is just get started with building their studio. There are of course tons of monitors out there that sound better and are more precise, but at the price you can get these for, you won't a plethora on the same level. It's been a little while since the Mackie HR 624's fist came out, so finding these at a pretty cheap price shouldn't be too hard, and if you can do so I'd definitely give them a shot in a smaller home studio setting.