M-Audio AV 40 V2
M-Audio AV 40 V2

AV 40 V2, Aktiver Monitor from M-Audio in the Studiophile series.

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stompboxjon 23/10/2012

M-Audio AV 40 V2: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"Nice sound to be so small"

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The M-Audio AV 40 V2 are very inexpensive and small. They cost 150 USD for the pair of them and they are powered 20 watt monitors with a 4” sub and ¾” tweeters. If you are on a tight budget but still need some good monitors to get a good mix with then this will be your best option. Getting any set of monitors cheaper than this will be hard to find and you mine as well get a pair of headphones then . I have used many monitors over the years and heard some really bad ones, mainly the ones that are under 200 dollars for a pair have been awful, but the AV 40 monitors proved me wrong on that.


I was using these monitors back in July, they sound is very clean. I don’t suggest doing your main mixing in them though, they are more of a great set of reference monitors or just some speakers for general listening to music with. I was really surprised that M-Audio put these out for this price because I feel like they are about 75 dollars under priced.


The monitors have a on and off switch on them and volume controls with a 1/8 output for headphones. These monitors are small in size and the sound does not go really loud but it is very clear. If you have a small workspace these will be perfect for your small desk or workspace. They take up virtually no room and give you a great sound to reference your mix with.

The great part of using the AV 40 monitors is that they are Magnetic shielded and can be close to your computer monitor or screen. With them being such smaller monitors you wouldn’t want to have to have them yards away from your ears and set up, with this Magnetic Shield you can have them right beside your screen or TV and not have to worry about it damaging your TV or Screens appearance or colors.