VXT6, Aktiver Monitor from KRK in the VXT series.

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sw80 03/02/2013

KRK VXT6: Produktbewertung von sw80 (content in English)

"Better than the Rokits"

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The KRK VXT -6 are a pair of monitors that I purchase in 2011. They are a pair of 6 inch active studio monitors with a 1 inch high frequency tweeter. I have always been a fan of the KRK’s (all of the ones that they make). So I knew that I would love the sound of these when I purchased them. The price was pretty expensive though costing 9 40 dollars for the pair of them; but most KRK monitors are pretty expensive no matter which ones you get. I came to these monitors from the KRK Rokit 6’s and I didn’t think that I would be able to hear a huge difference but I was wrong. These VXT 6’s are way better than the Rokit 6’s. It is almost like night and day comparing the two.


The frequency response on the VXT 6’s are 49hZ to 22 kHz. The low end frequencies are very present and depending on how you like your music it could be easy to overdue the low end because of how clean it sounds. I would always want to turn up the low end a little too much with these monitors so it took me some time to get use to them and I had to purchase a pair of Yamaha monitors as reference monitors to make sure I was not letting too much bass ride.


The highs are clean and sound great; so do the mids. I was very impressed with the overall warmth of these monitors and coming from the Rokit’s it took me sometime to retrain my ears to mix with these. The bass and low end frequency response was very clean, and that was what was throwing me off. I had never had a pair of monitors at my home studio that sounded that clean (when it comes to bass). I recommend getting these over the Rokit monitors anyday!