V8, Aktiver Monitor from KRK in the V series.

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afterglow479 02/10/2008

KRK V8: Produktbewertung von afterglow479 (content in English)


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I have these monitors as my main monitors at my synth station. Overall, these are a great set of speakers from an American company. My choice to get this was based only on two things - how good they sound, and how much they cost. I wasn't going for any bells and whistles on this purchase. The monitors have your standard audio connections in the back, with inputs for XLR and 1/4". They are powered so you don't need to connect these to a power amp. There is a tweeter and a cool looking yellow woofer, no mid range horn. There is also a slotted bass port on the bottom of these. Another nice feature is that you can balance the high frequency content of your signal on the back, which can be nice if you have an overly bright or overly dead room.


The frequency curve on these is great. I might say that you get just a little bit of hyped bass, but it isn't a huge amount and everyone likes listening to good bass anyway. The tweeters sound very smooth and accurate, which also means that the stereo imaging is going to be pretty good. You definitely get a very defined sound field if you set up these monitors right and you aren't in a very live room. The sound on these monitors is overall very pleasing, which is sometimes hard to find in monitors with relatively flat responses. You won't get terrible ear fatigue with this pair. Dynamics are well taken care of with these as well.


I have had these for maybe 5 years or so. I really like the smoothness of the sound and the fact that I can work on these for a long time without my ears starting to bug me - that is a huge plus in monitors. If I had to complain I would just cite the bass hyping, but again it is very minor. This is a great pair of monitors that I have been very happy with. I have had no problems with them in terms of any part failure or anything like that the entire time I've had them. Good sounding, solidly built speakers at a good value. I recommend them!