EON 518S, Active subwoofer from JBL in the EON 500 series.

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JimboSpins 24/01/2013

JBL EON 518S: Produktbewertung von JimboSpins (content in English)

"For the gigging musician"

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The EON518S delivers great sounding bass out of its Class D power amp. It has a switchable high pass filter and 500 watts of power. This subwoofer is very portable and it really is not that big at all. The EON series of speakers from JBL are very reliable but they are not my favorite ones that they have come out with mainly because at high volumes they do not sound as good. But these are the more affordable subs from JBL so you will not get the best sound that you would on the higher end ones.
This sub can be pole mounted or used as a main on the floor. It has plenty of headroom and sounds great in a smaller sized space. On music with a lot of lower tones and pulsating bass it will sound great.
I have been using this sub for over a year now and I love using it for smaller spaces because it is a lot easier to transport than my main woofers. That was the main reason that I purchased this in the first place. I did not want to take my main woofers out all of the time just for smaller venues and smaller spaces. I can easily get this in and out of my truck with my other speakers and get it inside the club. This is the perfect woofer for a gigging musician who does not have a crew with him to help with gear. You will be able to take this woofer with you wherever you need to be at and do it all yourself without having to worry about lugging around a lot of weight.
If you want more power you can easily daisy chain these together, so that later one if you grow you will not have to repurchase another woofer. This is a must have for a solo gigging musician with limited space and help!