Tanglewood TW145 SC
Tanglewood TW145 SC

TW145 SC, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Tanglewood in the Premier series.

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folksong 22/10/2012

Tanglewood TW145 SC: Produktbewertung von folksong (content in English)

"Absolute bargain!"

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Super folk cutaway, solid cedar top, mahogany back and sides, b band electrics with inbuilt tuner.


Very comfortable neck, access to the high frets is easy with the cutaway. Much comfier to sit (or lie!) around and strum than a dreadnought. Fit and finish absolutely spot on.


The cedar top gives it a real mellow sound, but you can play it fingerstyle and there's no great loss in clarity; even without nails. It's not a great booming dreadnought affair, but something rather more dynamic.


I tried lots of acoustics in this price range and nothing touched it! It's held up really well to 2 years use and is a joy to play. If you want it to sound brighter (I don't, it's fine just how it is) you could always add a bone nut for peanuts. If you see one come up on the used market at a decent price: don't hesitate. Superb value.