M-Audio Axiom 61
M-Audio Axiom 61

Axiom 61, 61-Key MIDI Keyboard from M-Audio belonging to the Axiom model.

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songboy 06/09/2008

M-Audio Axiom 61: Produktbewertung von songboy (content in English)


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What I really liked about this keyboard is the addition of the 8 trigger pads. Combine those with a good feeling synth action and an all around sturdy keyboard, and you got a winner. It also has 9 faders that correspond to different midi values, some of which include volume, sustain, attack (this is the best one to mess with if you like "slow" pads, its makes any patch sound interesting) and enevelope. These are of course assignable, but this is all right out of the box. It also has controls for play, pause, rec, fast forward and rewind which are great for syncing to recording software. There our 8 "twisty" knobs (that I have not even used yet but I am still new to vst plugins so i imagine they will come in handy) and a slew of program buttons that I still haven't needed yet. I have to admit that I like options, so knowing that it does what I want and I still have extra buttons makes me happy.
As for connection types you have all the standards. One midi out for hooking up sound modules and other keyboards, one usb for hookup to the computer which by the way will power you keyboard off the computer, very nice!!! and a sustain jack 1/4", expression jack 1/4", a ac plug input (ac adapter not included) and a on/off switch. They thought of everything on this board.


If you are looking for something "meaty" in the way of action, this is not for you. These are waterfall style semi-weighted synth keys. I love playing leads and organ sounds on this keyboard, but I always go to a 88 weighted key controller for my piano stuff. You just don't get the "bounce" that is necessary for piano feel. When I do need to play piano on this board its always out of convenience because this thing is so light compared to my 88keyboard. This thing is plug and play all the way. I have recently purchased a mac laptop and have not fully gotten into the midi button assigning stuff, but everything except the trigger pads and the twisty knobs do what I would want them to do by simply plugging the keyboard in, no hassles. The channel/patch selection is set up right in front of you with a telephone style keypad, so its real easy to use. There are also a lot of program features but I have not gotten into those yet either. I primarily used this for sound module control and also patching it into my Triton keyboard so I could have triton sounds on top of my rhodes without adding all the weight of a workstation. It is shipped with a cdrom manual, but so far, I have not needed to look at it and I have had this keyboard for awhile. Now that I have a computer though, I am sure I will need to study it.


I have been using this unit for a year and have had no problems thus far.
The thing I like most is the trigger pads, they are a lot of fun. Some modules I own would auto assign drum samples to the pads so I could be beating on "drums" right away. FUN!! Plus the waterfall keys are a nice touch.
I can't say anything I don't like about this keyboard honestly.
I tried EMU keyboards first, but didn't care for the action on those, more springy than semi weighted in my opinion. I am happy with this board, it is so great for practicing with people. I now just bring my laptop and this board and I have all sorts of sounds at my fingertips at a 1/4 of the size and weight.
I got mine new from fullcompass for $280, I definitely recommend those guys, they will usually work with you on the price. In the end, I wish I didn't have to spend so much, but it seems like getting good quality stuff with lots of options, you need to spend the cash.
Yes, I would buy this keyboard again.