EVH 5150 III 4x12 Straight Cabinet - Ivory
EVH 5150 III 4x12 Straight Cabinet - Ivory

5150 III 4x12 Straight Cabinet - Ivory, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from EVH belonging to the 5150 III 4x12 Straight Cabinet model.

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King Loudness 30/08/2011

EVH 5150 III 4x12 Straight Cabinet - Ivory: Produktbewertung von King Loudness (content in English)

"Excellent sounding versatile 4x12"

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The EVH 5150 III 4x12 is a cabinet that was designed to go with the EVH 5150 III three channel head that is built for Edward by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. The most notable feature about it is the specially designed and built Celestion EVH signature speakers, which are meant to react much like a classic Greenback or other speaker that allows early breakup for a thick and creamy distortion sound. They are only available in this speaker cabinet as stock and put out 20-25w apiece. Otherwise the cabinet is basically your standard, albeit very well constructed 4x12. Weighing in at approximately 88lbs, this cabinet certainly isn't a lightweight job, but it matches the heavy weight with a very thick and clear tone that works well for everything you throw at it. It's constructed of birch, and has a 16 ohm speaker impedance.

The tone of this cabinet is truly excellent and is a great sounding rig for many different styles. The Celestion EVH speakers provide a great, harmonically rich tonal voice that is like a refined Greenback/Blackback speaker, but with a bit more top end sizzle and a tad more low end girth. Ed typically likes a sound that is also somewhat scooped in the midrange and this cabinet does that sort of thing too. Paired with the EVH 5150 III head it's a killer sonic combination. The cabinet responds well to everything from jazzy/bluesy cleans, to classic crunch tones to molten metal fury. The pair were designed in tandem and it's no surprise that they sound great in tandem too.

All in all I think the EVH 5150 III cabinet is a great sounding speaker cabinet to go with the versatile EVH 5150 III head, or even to be used as a cabinet with other amplifiers. The high quality construction and unique Celestion EVH model speakers really give this cabinet an edge that many don't have. At $1,000 new, it's priced in about the same range as cabs from Orange, Mesa or Marshall, so it's definitely a good deal if you're looking for a high quality and great sounding 4x12 speaker cabinet (who just happens to be associated with one of the great legends of rock guitar.)