Gemini DJ UMX-9
Gemini DJ UMX-9

UMX-9, 3-Channel Mixer from Gemini DJ.

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JimboSpins 10/09/2012

Gemini DJ UMX-9: Produktbewertung von JimboSpins (content in English)

"Used it for less than a year and loved working with it."

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Using the DJ Gemini UMX-9 was a very good experience for me, the reason that I purchased it was because I needed a good quality mixer for the time being and I couldn’t afford a high end one so I chose to go with the Gemini UMX-9. The UMX-9 has 3 stereo channels, microphone input, cross fader reverse switch and many other features that grabbed my attention. I paid 120.00 for it brand new and used it for less than a year until I could save up some money to upgrade. Over time when using the Gemini UMX-9 you will notice that the cross fader goes out on your pretty quickly. Maybe it wasn’t built to last a long time, it seems tough when you are using it but eventually it will go out on you. The price to get the cross fader fixed what just too much to pay and plus I didn’t plan on staying with the Gemini UMX-9 too long so it didn’t matter. I used this mixer from the spring of 2005 to close to the spring of 2006.


It is very easy to use if you have used mixers before. There are no special features with the UMX-9 that make it stand out from its competitors. The manual is pretty simple as well, nothing will make you need it though unless you are a beginner because all of the connection types and inputs are labeled.


The Gemini UMX-9 has a cut feature for low, mid and high frequencies for each individual channel as well as gain high, mid and low controls for each channel too. It does feature some LED’s for your meters on the master out put meter and input level meter for each individual channel.


The Gemini UMX-9 is affordable and well built. If it wasn’t for the fader going bad on me I might have continued to use it a little longer than what I did. The quality of all of Gemini’s products are pretty well built and hold up well. I have been using Gemini for years and will continue to. The price you will pay for the UMX-9 is right on the mark for what I feel its worth. I would make the choice over again , and don’t regret using it at all.