Rane TTM 56
Rane TTM 56

TTM 56, 2-Channel Mixer from Rane.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Rane TTM 56: Produktbewertung von FP User (content in English)


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Features are great! FX send/recieve, has dry/wet control for FX right on the mixer. Complete EQ cut. AUX in/out. 2 Master outs. Curve and reverse for all faders. XLR outputs would be nice to have, and maybe some OS2 switches like the Stantons for better use of the phono/line switches. Stanton mixers do not come close to this mixer though, lets get that straight!



This mixer is extremely easy to use. The setup is similar to a battle mixer but dont let that fool you, this mixer is for all types of music. The manual has a lot of extra stuff like how to get the most out of your mixer. What kind of cables to use and things like that. These Rane guys are hardcore!

This thing is built like a tank! You wont be breaking this mixer any time soon. Magnetic faders assure extremely long life without wear or bleed. Very High Quality mixer.


The Signal to Noise ratio on this thing is outstanding. Sound quality is just great. Really clean. This mixer can be used for any application. Studio, bedroom, club, just about anything, and for any type of music. Its excellent for mixing and scratching. The best of both worlds!!!!!


I love this thing. Its Great. You could not get me to switch mixers!

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Posted by: Unknown ( 5-, 2003)