Pioneer DJM-350
Pioneer DJM-350

DJM-350, 2-Channel Mixer from Pioneer belonging to the DJM-350 model.

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johnrae 21/06/2012

Pioneer DJM-350: Produktbewertung von johnrae (content in English)


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The Pioneer DJM-350 is Pioneer's entry level two-channel mixer. Pioneer has been known as the standard when it comes to professional club DJ setups and this unit keeps to that. For being an entry level product however, this feels pretty professional. While it lacks in some features of larger, more expensive units (like effects) this is of the highest quality in builds and parts. Everything feels very smooth and is accessible, and easy to locate even in darker lighting. Also, it has the option of being able to plug in a USB memory stick and record and then review and distribute your own mixes! This is a very sought after feature for beginners, as it can help you improve drastically.


I had no hitches setting up the unit, it was just like it is for every other mixer on the market. Everything on the DJM-350 is laid out well and easy to access, and functional as well. Things are labeled clearly and there is space for your fingers in between all the knobs and sliders. I've had no problems with faulty parts, sticky knobs or crackly pots and sliders.


The Pioneer DJM-350 is a 2 channel mixer that supports two RCA CD / Line, two RCA phono line, one microphone and one RCA auxiliary input. It also features output terminals such as one RCA master out, one headphone monitor out, one RCA Rec out, two 3.5 mm mini-jack and one USB A port. The mixer doesn't color the sound in any way other than the EQ, which is pretty good. Everything sounds good. The EQ is 3 bands with cut switches. There are 4 effects that are nothing special, Filter, Crush, Jet and Gate. The Gate is not a true gator, but everything is functional.


Overall this is a great unit, very professional for the price, and great for intermediate DJ's and DJ's who are just starting to perform. It has a nice feel and sound overall. It's very reliable and worth the money. Great gift for an aspiring DJ. I use this in my practice space, and at smaller or really crazy gigs.