Numark M2
Numark M2

M2, 2-Channel Mixer from Numark belonging to the M2 model.

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JimboSpins 20/03/2013

Numark M2: Produktbewertung von JimboSpins (content in English)

"Just the right price!"

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The M2 from Numark has a solid steel construction and has an even better price tag than a lot of other mixers. It has two channels and is the type of mixer that is perfect for the stage! I was using this mixer for about 5 months for some smaller gigs in small clubs just because I didn’t want to take out my main set up to these smaller gigs. The cross fader is great and made to take some serious punishment. There is also a 3 band EQ on this mixer that does a great job for on the spot EQ’ing and getting out those unwanted frequencies. This mixer is very easy to work with and I have not experienced a single bad thing with the M2.


If you are a “scratching” DJ than this is the mixer to have if you are on a budget. It is heavy duty and will allow you to have total control over your mixing. There are switchable line inputs that I used for my turntables, mp3 player, and CD player. So no matter what your main source of audio is going to be you will be able to run it right through this mixer to get the sound out to your crowd, and EQ quickly and on the spot.


This mixer can be racked and there is no phantom power on this mixer (something to keep in mind if you plan on working with it and microphones). There are RCA master outputs and a ¼ stereo headphone outputs.


All of the input and outputs slots are solid and will not start to cause any shorting after a lot of uses. No matter where I took this unit, I had the ease of mind knowing that I would not have any issues with it. That is one of the reason that I chose to use it as my smaller set up mixer for a while. It has never let me down.