Guild F-512 - Natural
Guild F-512 - Natural

F-512 - Natural, 12-Saiten Gitarre from Guild belonging to the F-512 model.

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mooseherman 26/01/2010

Guild F-512 - Natural: Produktbewertung von mooseherman (content in English)


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I haven't had the fortune of playing a lot of Guild instruments, but this guitar really stood out for me. This twelve string changed my opinions on twelve string guitars forever. It has more than 15 frets, but the 15-17 range is about when you can comfortably reach while playing. It has a jumbo size body. There aren't any pickups, this is a fully acoustic guitar. If


One of the most frustrating things for me when playing a twelve-string is getting used to the added pressure and the awkwardness of having to play extra strings. Some of the more technically advanced, frustrating parts were rendered almost impossible on lesser quality twelve-strings. I haven't had too much trouble playing this guitar at all. Sometimes I forget that I have to hold down two strings at once. It's a bit big in terms of width and length, so it might be a bit uncomfortable for some short-armed folks, but I have to admit that it hasn't been a problem for most of my friends who have also played this. It's an acoustic guitar, so getting a good sound is up to having a good pair of strings and a just having a good natural player's tone.


The sound of this thing is so beautiful it's scary. It's got a very full sound, that is, it has a great high end and low end. This guitar is definitely a good purchase for those who record, as it will sound good with almost any microphone. The sound seems to shimmer and shine, and it puts even some of the better Taylors I've played to shame. It stands out for me because it seems to be that anyone would really enjoy this sound, as it has almost a "best of both worlds" quality to it. Its simultaneously bright enough and dark enough for anyone.


This guitar is ridiculously good, and just as expensive. This is gonna be a long-term investment for the average musician, professional or amateur. This is to be expected, so its not a guitar for those who aren't seriously dedicated. I would say that its worth the price as much as any instrument could be. I can't find a single flaw with it, except for the limited uses that are typical of 12-string guitars in general.